Chasing the Light


Life is hard. 

Every now and then things don’t work as we want, even when we struggle so much. Sometimes we can’t find the answers. It breaks us. We feel ourselves loose in those emotions. It is by then we realize we are reaching the bottom, lying down… lost in pain & frustration... surrounded by doubt. Almost fading away… almost giving up.

But it’s ok. It’s ok to be sad, to fail... to have those dark moments; we just don’t have to live our life in soaked with the heavy weight that encumber us... that drowns us. These times don’t characterize us, but how we react to them and our actions to others and to the world do.  

We need to remind ourselves that somehow tomorrow might be better…  We have to believe in that. And we need to perceive things from another perspective.

Nothing is everlasting. Kindness is always an answer no matter how tough, desperate and difficult things are. And there’s always something to be grateful. 

“Sometimes the moment just doesn’t happen…These disappointments are just a test. The reality is that disappointments will come, we can’t avoid them, but it is how we respond to the test, how we are able to move on from that, and how we learn from that matter.”