January is the quietest month in the garden... But just because it looks quiet doesn't mean that nothing is happening. - Rosalie Muller Wright


I remember feeling a little blue during the very first days of January. Tiny and with tight-hearted.

Then with the light changing, the days growing, everything is dissolved in a state of stillness that only January gives.

January Stillness takes the shape of a Photo that stands the test of time while being as ephemeral as a leave being carried by the wind. The stillness is always there but at the same time, Time keeps moving ever so slightly. Being embedded within this frame allows me to pursue and grasp my inner peace and to prepare me for a New Year and new challenges.

January is the last month of this Winter Self-recover. It’s the last instance to bear witness of our existence.

Some days I barely touch the phone or watch TV… I’ve been taking everything more minimal & simple. Spending most of the time for myself and going out for long countryside walks.

It’s all so quiet now. And I’m so grateful for moments like this. Even when they keep me apart from the rest of the World, while being a part of it.