What is home?

Can we have our place somewhere else in this world? And still call it home?  

Why it’s seems so tough sometimes?

In the beginning of the year I left Lisbon. It was a rainy & gloomy day. My heart was taut because I didn’t want to leave. Lisbon became a Home for us and after 3 years on the same place you can picture the amount of things to pack and move out. It was a little exhausting and sad. But the deepest hardship was the love-distance that was followed over the next three months. I realized that even, while staying in my hometown, a part of me was missing. Though during that time I tried to embrace the quietness and enjoy the little everything that I knew that I would be apart soon.

It is painful and difficult for me to say goodbye.... leaving a place that I love, the people that I care for; especially Zu. That dog! He is like a brother to me. And knowing that now I will not be able to bring him to spend some time with us just breaks my heart. Because now I am miles away, in the Netherlands, in the middle of new plans, hopes & dreams. Sometimes it is scary. Some days I feel out of the place…

I am just a bit overwhelmed with everything.

I think I left pieces of what is Home to me in the places, people & furry paw friends that are meant for my heart.

Home is mostly a feeling. It’s all about emotions.