Life lately

Do what ought to be done, here and now, to get you somewhere — anywhere. ― Charlotte Eriksson


So many things changed and happened in the last months. It was muffled but swift at the same time and I think I misplaced the perception of time. I still need to pinch myself to see that more than half of the year just passed by and it’s now summer!

Our apartment is getting more composed, since it was unfurnished it meant that we had to set up everything from scratch, and I really meant it. It was a little hard. Here in the Netherlands the unfurnished houses came without floor, etc. Still, there are so many things to do, to get and to ship from Portugal.

These pictures are from our last Sunday. Jorge and I went to Amsterdam. Despite the heat wave we decided to do a rambling through the city. Whilst of course had leaded us to stop by one of our favourite places, and it’s becoming a sort of demand, the Metropolitain; to enjoy a good coffee and their famous French Toasts. One more stop that I had to do was at Stephen & Penelope to get some yarn for one more knitting garment.

Anyway, another weekend is waving on the corner. I’m sitting on the floor of the balcony and the sunlight is kissing my skin as the soft air breeze whisper into my ears. I'm listening the male common blackbird that is standing on the top of the building on the other side of the road. Oh I love these birds! Darwin joins me here. The motion of the gentle wind over his fur makes me relaxed. I just want to sink in this sense of ease and stillness…