silver lining

This summer just pass by. I didn’t feel it.

I have stretched myself over these past few months. I saw some of my plans fail and gloominess falls on me. At the same time, I try as hard as I can to fit and be comfortable on a new country. Some days were difficult to deal with these fears and harmful thoughts. They always came in waves in my life. These inner battles are tough. Sometimes is hard just to be. Sometimes I lose myself… At some point in our lives we all experience these emotions. But being lost is an opportunity for other possibilities & directions. I always find a silver lining.

We are built of emotions. They define us. We all have weaknesses that we try to bury as much as we can from the sight of others. Pretending that isn’t real or related. During deciding times I always take a step back… in order to see the truth and understand that I’m enough and all I have is this moment. And moments are fleeting.

Now I’m watching the leaves shifting. The days are getting shorter faster and the sun is very lazy around here. Autumn, my favorite, arrived. This season show us, and teaches us, the beauty of change and how nothing remains the same eternally.

When the change happens there’s always something beautiful to grow.