Then came old January

Then came old January, wrappèd well
In many weeds to keep the cold away;
Yet did he quake and quiver, like to quell,
And blow his nails to warm them if he may;
For they were numb’d with holding all the day
An hatchet keen, with which he fellèd wood
And from the trees did lop the needless spray.

― Edmund Spenser in  Faerie Queene


There was stillness in the air and a sense of energy in me. A feeling of optimism naïveté overwhelms me as it always does while I am preparing for a new year. But this is January, the longest and one of the toughest month of the year to endure. Always gray and blue.

An eerie silence was our companion while we took a walk in the park on the first of January. There was no one to be seen except our deer friends, ducks and gooses. For the deer we had some carrot branch and persimmon that we brought, the latter was the most desirable for sure. It rained. That was the beginning of the year.


A few days afterwards we packed and flew to our Portugal. The older I get the more my perception of how precious the time is increases. Time is so valuable and sometimes it is difficult to handle and being able to do all the things that we wish in a short period.

Zuca was so happy to see us all. Darwin checked if everything was in the same place and it is  beautiful to behold the affection between our furry friends. I found Zu in Jorge's lap asking for all the pampering he's entitled to. The longing is always too much.

I went for a biopsy. My body trembled so much afterward as if it there was an earthquake. Perhaps a result of something from my unconscious, because deep down I feel very optimistic but there is always a thread of disbelief how things might be. Life is fragile.

As we came at the time of São Gonçalinho, a traditional annual festivity of my hometown Aveiro, we still managed to see the launching of cavacas (dry-hard cake covered with sugar glaze) from the chapel. We saw a few friends and enjoy a little of our families.
Jorge and Darwin are now in the Netherlands but I will remain here for a little extra time…


It’s time to say again Thank You, for reading and for following along this little space. Thank you so much to all that took time to answer the questionnaire that I made in December. I’m grateful for the messages that many of you left; also the few questions submitted will be answer in some way soon.

l L