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Edith Holden book February moment

February felt endless and unrelenting.

I remember craving for some snow however winter slipped away too soon and an early spring arrived… Premature blossoms adorned the streets & parks while the birds were very vigorous in their choir.

Most of the time has been spent indoors as we both got ill with acute bronchitis throughout this month.

During the tides of anxiety, for me, knitting is like meditation; always help me to cope with the ruckus of everyday life. So during this period of time I finished a hat and a new cardigan.

Moreover, since there is always a ray of light that shines brightest in the dark, February 2019 marked our 12th anniversary together.

And March came in like a lion full of windstorms, rain, thunders and hail…

swan lake
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The stormy March is come at last,

With wind, and cloud, and changing skies,

I hear the rushing of the blast,

That through the snowy valley flies.

― William Cullen Bryant