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black and white photograph vintage birds flying sky
Dam Square Amsterdam pigeons flying birds sky

I went for a morning walk. At the square pigeons flutter in the air in a rush of sweeping and swirling movements. The sky leans at the ear. They continue, clinging to their essence. They came close to my head for a succinct moment creating a wave of movement through my hair as if only to wish a pleasant day in a brief whisper and return to the sky high above. I hear the flap of wings in unison hastening upwards and downwards in a seemingly random path. It is a good feeling. Brief, but pleasant. I grab my camera and capture some pictures of them before their last whoosh. Here and gone in a moment. A few minutes later the sky was empty. It was a peaceful interlude.

I’ve been thinking a lot about life... having some existential crisis, which is normal and I know it. I feel daunted about our world and the way things are. There are many moments where I found myself wandering in the memories or revisiting fragments of it. Mostly it has been a tough year. I left many things tacit. In fact it is been a long time since I just sit and write somewhat. Maybe I was discouraged… I really don’t know. Usually, I do prefer to document and express myself throughout imagery but it is good to write some words down and reflect on them. There is nothing more important that recognize where we are in our path and what may lie ahead.

Nevertheless autumn is finally here! It won't be long before the year comes to an end. And honestly I just want to turn this page over...

black and white photograph vintage birds flying
Dam Square Amsterdam birds flying pigeons
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