A day at the farm

This past summer, during my brief journey to Portugal, I visited one of my dearest friends, Joana. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to hang out with her as much as I want but life sometimes just makes it impossible to do plan an event without somehow having to postpone it indefinitely…  I spent some time with her reminiscing about the past and getting our chitchat up to date! Meeting Joana at her house is always an opportunity to visit her garden and animals also. Joana and her family own a little piece of land from which they gather food in a sustainable and ecologic way. Amongst others they have a wide variety of vegetables, plants herbs and fruits as well as some animals.

Because there is something special about capturing moments of routines and workaday in people spaces, I took the opportunity to capture a few photographs and portraits on that day. Seeing someone so connected to Nature so at ease between the greenery and the animals makes myself a little more confident about the future.

 I hope you enjoy it.

portrait photography at old gate farm black and white
black and white photography Portrait farm
black and white photograph portrait farm
still life hands succulent greenhouse on the farm
succulents plants greenhouse
still greenhouse plants organic farm black and white portrait photography
succulent plant hands still life photography
portrait photography women plants garden
Joana's mom picking cherry tomatoes

Joana's mom picking cherry tomatoes

black and white photograph old lady picking tomatoes at farm biological hand close-up
holding a little rabbit Portrait Photography Black and White
holding a little rabbit at farm
still photograph holding a little rabbit black and white photograph
organic farm picking berries
organic farm picking berries
picking raspberries organic farm
raspberries organic farm summer
Pyrus pyrifolia -asian pear still life photography
little lamb at biological friendly farm
at organic friendly farm
portrait women farm black and white photography
chicken portrait farm
farm working plants organic
black cat on green farm
at organic friendly farm
old barn gate with tools black and white still photograph
at farm girl and dogs black and white photograph