Gerês pt. 2

"I owe to landscape the few joys I had in the world." – Miguel Torga

Amongst Wolves

There are places to visit, unpaved roads to cross, rivers to follow, tales waiting to be unfolded.

7 AM. Our path starts at the cut-off point between Portugal and Spain, Portela do Homem, treading one of the last standing Roman roads. A winding trail where nature placed a few obstacles and where it is still possible to recognize traces of the pavement left over the centuries. 

By the Homem River, where the rocks are eroded and transported, an unexpected event happened. We saw two Iberian wolves jumping over one big granite rock by the river in a playful way. Perhaps for only five seconds until they noticed us and ran away. But those few seconds of happiness were enough. It was amazing to see two near-threatened species in good condition and healthy. They were so beautiful.

The highlight of the landscape was at Mata de Albergaria. A place where the centenarian trees exhibit their decaying multiple shades of red in a asphyxiating way. 

By the end of the day, exhausted and with sore feet, we unwind while watching the sunset and hearing the never ending and ever present sound of the water flowing.

Memories were created. Stories were shaped. A new bound was molded.

We will return.