Gerês pt. 1

The loftiness of the mountains, the whispers and secrets of pine and oak trees, the freedom of the falcons, the wisdom of the stones. - Miguel Torga


Jorge and I drove with the stars through the night. More than 400 km away we found home in the mountains at Peneda-Gerês National Park.

We woke up early to a breathtaking view of the mountains.  The first rays of sun colored them with yellow, orange, brown and some persistent greens, accentuating the beauty of the notable landscape, while melting the frost and letting the dew take over the scenery for some moments. We felt the fresh crispy autumnal chill that breaks through our bones, heard the sound of a nearby wild rivers rushing eagerly towards calmer waters and smelled the scent of a pine trees.

The leaves kept falling down in a slow asynchronous movement creating a colorful blanket that covers the grounds. The rightful kings are the ancient trees and wild rivers molding their realm for thousands of years in a slow but steady pace not caring about the ever growing eagerness for development of the modernized world.


On one of the highest points of the mountain we found Garranos, a rare horse breed from northern Portugal and Galicia, wandering wild and free on the rocky mountain. They were friendly and transmitted peace and calmness. I cuddled them and couldn’t go away without sharing some of the fruit I had carried with me.

At dusk with the sun hidden behind the mountain the golden mantle seized the valley. The air shifts and becomes sharp and cold. As soon as the sun fades away the sky starts to get covered with stars and it is not long before it gets sprinkled like thousands of fireflies.

While counting the shooting stars we marvel at the wonders we still have to encounter on the rest of our journey.