At Sunset

These last few days I went back to my hometown.

Once I arrived I was greeted with a pleasant surprise! My father told me that the white horse, my old friend, was back again to the fields for the last couple of weeks.

It was a friendship that started to be shaped two summers ago, that needed to be tended and cared carefully. Each odd day I would go meet Her and feed Her with either carrots or apples. Soon enough we were best friends. Every time I would get near enough for Her to see me, I would hear a gentle neigh in recognition. 

This time we met Her at sunset in a warm and welcoming winter light and stood around a little bit longer. Whenever I looked deeply into Her eyes I would find myself in a sea of calmness enchanted by the gentleness She emanated and filled with compassion and vigor. She never forgot me, even ‘though She was only with me those few brief moments we had during the countryside walks with my best friend Zuca.