Winter walks

Best Friends

Almost Seven Years since we met. Seven Years filled with Joy, Companionship & Dog-Kisses. Almost Seven Years of traditions being built and schedules being reshaped.

One of the traditions is the long-established early morning & evening walks. No matter how the weather showed up to us, Zuca and I always wandered.

Until I moved to Lisbon... Since then Zuca has been in a permanent home shift, keep changing between Aveiro and Lisbon. 

When He is away from me I feel like a part of my heart is missing or at least not glowing as much as when He is here.

Last time we have been together we decided to wander even further than usual to a lagoon near Aveiro's Outskirts.

We left early that morning. It was cold. Cold enough to numb my fingers. But Zuca brought the fire with him. Always rushing. I had to push myself to keep up; it made my body get warmer.

When we left the main road Silence seemed to take over but it was only a brief impression. Soon enough the chant of birds, which overtook the sound of the fading cars passing, claiming for spring made us company in the low light illuminating our way.

One of Zuca's biggest joys is the green open fields. The ability to run without any borders.

These are simple things & moments that I’m thankful for experiencing and which fill my heart. His happiness.