Life Lately

Perhaps strength is something we wander into. Perhaps it’s lost inside, around crooked pathways and over mountains we have created from the molehills we’re presented with. Maybe it’s only when we allow ourselves to become lost as well, that we can ever stumble headfirst into it. I have an ocean of courage buried somewhere inside me, I know this, because I taste the salt every time I cry. – Tyler Knott Gregson


Well, hello there! It’s been a while since I last shared something with you... but I’m back and glad to be here again.

The hiatus was not by design or meant to be… it just happened… sometimes everything that can go wrong just does so!

It all started with some appointments I had with several doctors that took some weeks of my time and didn’t enable me to work either on my blog. I also felt like all my efforts were going nowhere and getting me no results… that I was wasting my time. It was by then that I recognized that I was at a point where I needed some time to myself… to reflect about some aspects of my life and what I wish to do with it. This meant to take a step back to be able to move forward with more thrust than before, to recharge mentally & physically and to evaluate how far I’ve come & being grateful for all the things, even the bad ones because they made me grow. Life is hard. It’s a constant loop of looking out & inside, reflections, forgiveness, acceptance and moving forward. It’s important to never stop going and to embrace only What & Who matters.  

I have been spending most of the time knitting & swatching for some design ideas I have. There’s a bigger story behind it and lot of dedication and effort, from spending weeks of brainstorming an idea, to practicing new stitches, and sometimes techniques, to having a final result, the design that I had in mind. And when things go wrong (and it happen!) it’s time to spend more days on modifications or adjustments. So there’s a huge process behind designing a single piece of knitwear.

This summer was particularly warm! Having temperatures up to 40⁰C is something that doesn’t combine with knitting wool garments, I found myself quite often trying to knit something at night which was also unbearable (phew!) so I put all work in abeyance waiting for chilly days. Nevertheless I have one of my ideas turning into something real. I’m very proud and happy of it! It will be coming up this autumn. Besides that I knit some projects for the next seasons from a few designers that I admire.

Since knowledge doesn’t occupy place I decided to learn something new, something that I have wanted to learn for a while now. It was in one of those hot days, right before my birthday, that I attended a workshop in weaving with the lovely & inspiring Vânia from TWO HANDS - Textile Studio at Retrosaria Rosa Pomar. It was a well spent day with a delightful group of ladies and time just flew by. I cannot wait to have my own loom in the future!

Finally, I’ve made some life-changes routine through this whole time but I will leave this topic for a future post, so watch this space! And if you follow me on Instagram you know that I made a little trip to Amsterdam back in July and I’m looking forward to share here with you too.

Thanks for reading,

Patrícia x