In brief

There’s something about Amsterdam that is beyond the Red Light District & Coffee Shops. Amsterdam breathes culture.

We stayed on the outskirts and every day we had to take the Tram Nº 2 to reach the center. We only knew afterwards that this particular route had been considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Many of the attractions of Amsterdam can be seen during the trip such as the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum or the Royal Palace while also passing through the famous Flower Market.

We wandered & explored with little strategy and without any major plans the city. First surprise even knowing this detail is the bicycles. We never saw so many! The sheer number (and the speed in which they cycle…) is something that baffled me and still does just by remembering it! Second surprise is the intriguing architecture. The houses are crooked. They are leaning forward, others tilt to one side and another’s just seems like they might fall over.  The windows sometimes are not parallel to each other. Yet the result is wonderfully charming and unique, a superb display of the uncommon that emanates from the Netherlands.

We discovered a few gems, markets, bookstores and great places every corner we turned. We got lost along the canals & fell in love for the Jordaan area, probably the most delight & peaceful neighborhood of Amsterdam with narrow streets along the canals and lovely cafes, restaurants & shops.

By the one of the most important canals in the city, the Herengracht, we stopped by Lotti’s Restaurant of The Hoxton hotel to eat. It’s superb! And also we got some photo snips in their photo booth. Another favorite place to eat was Metropolitain I don’t know what is better… the vintage look, the coffee flavor… everything is wonderful in this place!

In the center I visited the Stephen & Penelope Fine Yarns. And came happy with a lovely yarn and pattern from the Stephen himself and so delighted to find Portuguese wool there.

Vondelpark is one of the few places where we could run away from all the havoc inside Amsterdam and were able to settle down, relax & appreciate a little of the Dutch lifestyle.

This journey came and went within a blink of an eye. There’s more to see and visit. Like Old Holland - Zaanse Schans. It’s an excuse to come back someday.