Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy. – Saadi

February was so wishy-washy. At times I felt like a hamster running in the wheel! I’m feeling stuck in a perpetual in-between… I know that things take time and have to be patience, but it’s so hard… especially when my other half is miles away from me (I miss Jorge so bad!).

Spring is whispering in the corner as well as big changes. I wish I could put in words everything that I’m feeling & confronting but I can’t and won't. I’m facing up the challenge and getting stronger and more hopeful regarding to what the future may throw my way. It’s time to focus on the letting be and hoping that life has better plans. Everything will be unraveled at its time…

And now at last I’m sharing the images of this Kimono, a beautiful homewear garment that I had the opportunity to test back in January for the lovely Melody.

It was the first time that I did a test as a knitter and it was a great & rewarding experience.

I made it with the Portuguese wool Beiroa, in my favorite color, and the result is just wonderful. I love the simplicity and the reminiscence of Japan.