Life Lately

Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ― Hans Christian Andersen


July 🌻

It’s been an extreme Summer so far around this part of the hemisphere. With the heat wave I found myself canceling some plans that I had for this July and slowing down the pace a bit instead.

Summer is supposed to be easy.

There were days that I knitted little but within the weeks I saw another sweater just ready for next season. We had a few days of vacation and after some attempts to stroll in the city, which was just unbearable; we choose to take our walks during the early morning and the quiet evenings.

We had time to catch up with some of our reading backlog but we still managed to keep it increasing with a few visits to a nearby bookshop. We spent more time than usual for holidays indoors with a blower. Darwin suffers the most with the heat and in the worst days he would keep himself glued to the bathroom cool floor. We ate more fruits, cold food and sometimes ice cream too.  Watched a few movies and a series in the in-between time. Strolled in the wheat fields at golden hour and watched the birds dancing all together in the sky. July was also a month of celebrations. Jorge birthday came and mine just a week after as well.  Another year around the Sun! One day it drizzled for one moment and we walked throughout it. A spray of cold water out in the open never felt so good.

And now August is knocking on the door. I’m wishing for some mild temperatures so we can enjoy more properly this summertime outdoors. Time passes so quickly and soon I will do a 'flying visit' to my homeland.