Soul Searching


November has arrived. Rain is pouring. My thoughts flow through me seemingly following the rain touched by the wind creating an almost imperceptible compass. Everything can change in a second.

While staring at the menacing grey sky my thoughts swirl uncontrollably between the likes of "what ifs" "what nots" "Should I?" becoming distorted and nonsensical while the rain is dripping from a nearby ledge. Autumn opens a path for Soul searching, enabling the much needed introspection to better know ourselves our short comings as well as our strengths. It is during these spans I recall the worst periods... and realize that I got through them stronger and more prepared to face whatever may come. It also made me treasure the good moments more than ever. 

Despite all the hardships and obstacles we all face... at the end of the day... the Sun will set over the horizon, birds will chant... and the Rain will be there pouring relentlessly waiting for the wind to take it a step further to discover new grounds.

We must carry on.