By the Seashore

The Sound of the Sea

There’s something about the sound of the sea. It’s one of the oldest memories that I carry with me. It can be a soothing song that embraces or a harsh shout that chills the skin. The sea is full of stories and secrets with millions of years.

My heart was heavy on the other day. Hearing and watching the overwhelming waves just brought me the peace that I needed. The openness of the sea can be so comforting. It has such a grounding affect, it makes us reflect. The waves coming up and down whispering the salt spray on my chicks like a slow motion film.

The menacing clouds dyed with gray shades urged the seagulls to the nearest shelter. I watch them on their haste for safe haven, flying over the cliff. By the end of the day storms took shape in the distance while I just sat and observe the far rain.